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Question 29

Which figure should replace the question mark?


From top to bottom, the number of figures increases every step.

Question statistics

Question ID: ZUA8XorE
Main category: Logical Reasoning
Sub category: Abstract matrices
Difficulty Level: NoneWhat is item difficulty?
Nr of times answered: 518
Average IQ of people who answered this question: 140.32
Percentage of answers correct: 40.73%
Item Response Theory (IRT)What is Item Response Theory?
Item difficulty: None / 20What is item difficulty?
Discrimination: 3.74 What is item discrimination?
Point of Maximum Information: 138.65 What is Point of Maximum Information?
Item Characteristic Curve (ICC)
This Item Characteristic Curve shows the probability that a person with a given IQ level will correctly answer this question. This graph is based on the answers and the IQ levels of 518 individual test takers who have answered this question.
Distractor AnalysisWhat is distractor analysis?
Average IQ of people who gave the correct answer: 145.86 Why does the average IQ of people who answer the questions differ per question?
Average IQ of people who gave an incorrect answer: 133.22

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