For research


It is our mission to provide the most accurate online IQ test in the world, for everyone. We believe the most efficient way to reach this goal is by making our anonymised data avaliable to researchers.

This way researchers can derive new insights from our data, which we in turn can use to improve our item pool and scoring logic.


Many intelligence tests are copyrighted and not free to use. Of the tests in the public domain, there are relatively few unique items available.

For both testing and research purposes, the availability of only a limited number of items raises the possibility of repeat exposure effects, which threaten the validity of test results. This problem is made worse by the current era of online experiments, where multiple groups of researchers may be inadvertently administering the same tests to the same participants.


We believe we are on the right path to solving this problem. Most item pools in online intelligence tests consist of around 20 - 80 items. Our item pool currently consists of approximately 3.000 questions in 10 categories which are answered more than 75.000 times per day by around 2.500 unique daily users from all over the world. We work hard to make these numbers grow as fast as possible.

Available Data

Right now, it is easy for us to provide the following anonymised data to interested researchers:

  • Question ID
  • Correct answer ID
  • Incorrect answer ID's
  • Weblink to the item
  • Main category
  • Sub category
  • Pattern/logic used to create the question, if available.
  • Parameters used to create the question, if available
  • Age group
  • Country
  • Education Level
  • ID’s of responses that are submitted by the same user, if available
  • Response ID, unique per response/data-request combination. Anonymised.
  • Percentile score based on our scoring method, total and per main category
  • Answer ID
  • Timestamp
We are also open to custom data requests.


Project applications shall in any case be assessed on the following criteria:
  • A well-defined research statement (which may be broad in the case of exploratory research).
  • Plausibility that our data can be used to answer the research questions.
  • Data will be used solely for statistical purposes, i.e. not for control purposes against individuals, companies or institutions.
  • Data will not be shared without our permission. No permission from our side is needed to publish the results of the research.
  • We get unrestricted access to all results after the research is published. We strongly favor research projects that will be accessible to a broader audience and give us permission to advertise the results on our website. The minimum requirement is permission for us to share results with other researchers for whom the results might be relevant.
  • In all publications using our data, Brght must be clearly mentioned as the source of the data, including a link to our homepage.

Request Data

If you want to make a data request for your research, please send us an email at [email protected] with at least the following information:
  • First name and surname of Researcher carrying out the Study
  • Educational institution / organisation
  • Email address (work)
  • Contact numbers (landline and/or mobile)
  • Type of research (Thesis, Dissertation, Long Essay, Publication, ...)
  • (Rough) outline of the Research
  • Details of the data required
  • Please indicate how the data requested will contribute to the research.
  • Will the research results be openly available?
  • Any other relevant information
When we receive an application, we will process it within a week. If there are any further questions, we will set up a call to discuss further details.