Mission, Vision, and Commitments


It is our mission to provide the most accurate online intelligence test in the world.


Our vision is to provide a fair, transparent, and accurate method for individuals worldwide to assess their intelligence in a standardized manner.

Commitment to Fairness

We strive to create a level playing field for everyone by:

Commitment to Transparency

We recognize that personal intelligence is a sensitive subject, and as such, we strive to be transparent about the choices we make in assessing intelligence. Our commitment to transparency includes:

Commitment to Accuracy

Our mission is to provide the most accurate online intelligence test in the world by:

Scoring method

Our scoring method is designed to provide a fair and accurate assessment of each user's intelligence. The process consists of several key elements.

Time Limit and Question Structure

Users are given 20 minutes to answer as many of the 30 questions as possible. The questions are divided into 20 difficulty levels, based on a Rasch and a 2PL item response theory model derived from the results of over 500,000 individual test-takers who completed the test.

Adaptive Question Level Adjustment

All users begin the test with a level 1 question. For each correct answer, the difficulty level increases by 1, and for each incorrect answer, the level decreases by 1. Points earned for a correct answer correspond to the difficulty level of the question (e.g., a correct answer for a level 12 question earns 12 points). Incorrect answers do not result in any points being earned.

Raw Score and IQ score Calculation

The points earned from correctly answering questions are summed to create the user's raw score. This raw score is then compared to the entire population of test-takers to calculate the user's IQ score, with a median of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.