The Brght Adaptive IQ Test

The Brght Test dynamically adjusts the difficulty of the questions to the level of each test taker. Discover your own IQ or assess the intelligence of others.
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The IQ test that adepts to your level

The Brght IQ test dynamically adapts to your intelligence level. After each question, it estimates your IQ and selects the next question accordingly. This ensures each question is challenging yet solvable for everyone, providing a shorter and more accurate test.

Compare your IQ to your peers

After completing the test, you'll receive a detailed report breaking down your IQ and highlighting your strengths in logical, numerical, and spatial reasoning. Use this report to benchmark your score against people holding your dream job, attending your target university, or living in your city.

Retake the test as often as needed

Didn't perform at your best due to nerves or a poor night's sleep? Don't worry — you can retake the test as many times as needed to achieve your optimal result. With thousands of items in our database, each test you take will be unique.

The most accurate IQ test, for a fraction of the costs

The BRGHT IQ test is the most innovative cognitive ability measurement, harnessing the power of the advanced 2PL IRT (Two-Parameter Logistic Item Response Theory) model into the first adaptive IQ test. This methodology offers unparalleled accuracy by considering both the difficulty of questions and the likelihood of a correct response.

With a diverse pool of over 2 million participants, each question has undergone meticulous refinement based on responses from those with similar IQ levels. Such a vast data set provides several advantages:

Granular Calibration: The extensive pool of participants ensures that each question is calibrated to a wide range of cognitive abilities, ensuring a more tailored testing experience.
Broad Representativity: It ensures that the test remains unbiased, culturally sensitive, and widely applicable to varied backgrounds.
Data-driven Precision: The immense volume of responses allows the test to focus on the most discerning questions, significantly minimizing measurement error.

In comparison to traditional one-size-fits-all IQ tests, BRGHT's approach ensures more precise and efficient results. While classic tests can be prohibitively expensive, the BRGHT IQ test offers unlimited testing with its comprehensive, data-backed results starting at only $19.95.